Top 10 Olympic Games Ice Hockey Players of All-time

Top 10 Olympic Games Ice Hockey Players of All-time

To rank the top 10 Olympic Games Ice Hockey Players is a difficult task in itself since it is in theory limited to “amateur” hockey players rather than professionals. Thus, until the Nagano 1998 Olympic Games, the National Hockey League (NHL) players weren’t allowed to play internationally at Olympic Games and this again is the case for the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games. Furthermore, mainly before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, many top European hockey players weren’t playing in the NHL. Distance and money were the main reasons. Furthermore, some countries have very high internal competition that it is very hard to come back every 4 years.

Top 10 Olympic Games Ice Hockey Players Methodology

We limit ourselves to players who participated in 2 or more Olympic Games. This eliminates one-time winners like goalie Jim Craig who made “The Miracle on Ice” possible. Thus, the following 5 criteria are used in selecting our Top 10 Olympic Games ice hockey players all-star list:

  1. The number of medals: Everybody like winners, players who help their country win games. Players who won medals, gold, silver, and bronze are the ones that made history.
  2. The number of games played: This still remains important criteria, especially for consistency reasons. Participating in a high number of Olympic hockey games in an accomplishment in itself.
  3. The number of points: This is still a great indicator for both consistency and long-run reasons. This for sure excludes goalies which are judged mainly by other equivalent performance criteria.
  4. Team impact: You can be the best ice hockey player on earth, but if you play for a really bad team, chances are that you won’t win anything. However, we gave extra points to top players who gave medals to really bad teams.
  5. Experts’ Opinions: Statistics are objective and always very useful, but to poll experts’ opinions makes a difference when it comes to distinguishing the bests of the bests.

Top 10 Olympic Games Ice Hockey Players Evolution

Thus, note that this ranking is a continuous work-in-progress and will be revisited after the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympic Games, but also as experts’ opinions keep adding as more experts give their opinions.

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